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Time doesn't go faster when you get older,

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I have for the most part stopped selling here at the website, giving me more time for DIY project, answering emails and adding information, my life has slowed down some, just the way it is.

Visit my ebay, Click Here and Aquabid auctions, Click Here for the items I carry, same stuff and probably a lot easier to order. Selling at these sites instead of here opens up a lot of time for me.

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No one seems to come up with anything new

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I may never grow up but time is more important when you're nearing 70.

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Welcome to all new site members.

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  If you want a jump start on Lotus this year it's time to start your seed if you are in the southern states. Lotus are not tropical but are slow in cold weather so wait til you are in the 60's to start seeds. I only have a few of these this year to offer so don't wait to long. 10 fresh for just $10.99 with free shipping. Fresh and from mixed plants, which really doesn't matter since Lotus do not grow true from seeds, part of the mystic of the lotus is not knowing what the flowers will look like at bloom time. The tubers do grow true so if you get a flower you really like just divide the tubers in the fall and they will all produce the same flower as the parent plant. Still with me? I also offer to nick these seeds for free if you are going start them as soon as they arrive. If you are going to wait to plant them do not ask to have them nicked. I ship USPS First Class and nicked seeds are wrapped in wet paper towel to keep them from drying out. If you are going to start them later you don't want them nicked. I may have to read this again, it even is confusing me. Just let me know when you order if you want them nicked, it's not hard to do but will save you the step and I have a Dremal tool ready to go to work on these. Actually it's a good excuse to buy that Dremel tool you've been wanting, you'll find a thousand uses for it. I ship no later than the next business day. It would also be nice if you send some pictures of the progress of the plants. Take care and enjoy, Tom at Tadege.  PS read the "Lotus From Seeds" if you are interested in this. I don't have enough seeds to warrant putting them in the store, email me for an order tadege@bellsouth.net and I'll send an invoice for your approval. I may have more later when I break open the pods. Thanks for looking.
  I have been listing a lot at Aquabid, Mostly Spirulina Algae powder, from 1 Oz To 1 Kilo, so take a look at my auctions if you have an interest ; http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?disp&viewseller&Tadege. Special Deal this week for visitors at this site, 1 kilo, 2.2 lbs, 1000 grams for just $35 with free USPS Priority shipping. If you don't intend to sell this, don't buy it, it will take forever to use it up. You only use it for the first couple weeks with new fry. Get a smaller amount.

  If you don't see what you're looking for it has been moved to the Web Store. I'm really trying to get the web store straightened out here but there is so much other stuff that I have little time for it, but I'll get it done, someday, lol. As the new Web Store take shape I'll be removing the online store and the shrimp store, they will all be combined. I don't plan on having a ton of items, only those that are important to fish and ponds, but mostly what I use and have found to be worthwhile. This web site builder, (Webs) does not support their own shopping cart anymore so I had to get one from PayPal, takes a little longer but I'll get it done. Do not build your website at WEBS if you want a full service website builder, everything people joined for have been removed by the new management. As always, corporate take over usually ruins the intent of the original designer.

  Take a look at my #1 aquarium item selling on ebay, it may surprise you. I have 6 different ads for the same product. Click Here. Do something nice and necessary for your snails and shrimp. This is really a must have for shrimp and snails.

   I need some more input for the joke page, people really kept me rolling on the floor a couple years back. Lets get it going again, email me your best, keep in mind this is a family site. email to tadege@bellsouth.net Some days I need something to cheer me up. Share your best with everyone. 

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Welcome to all new site members.

Just visit once in a while if you prefer not to sigh up. No more than 1 update a week, probably less. You can remove your name from any email sent for the updates. It's all about the ponding hobby, of coarse you can buy something if you want or visit an advertiser, lol.  Enjoy, Tom at Tadege.
  If your interest is for ponds and water gardens you have come to the right place. As an auto painter I spent my free time and money in my back yard. Everything at this website was built in a residential neighborhood. When I retired I made this website and turned my hobby into a full time business, it flourished and became a very rewarding small business. The yard is infested with  ponds, tanks and water gardens. Not to mention all the stray cats that called it home, I lost count of how many kittens found homes with walk in customers. It was all a joy for me, making an income was secondary.

  By the way, the fish picture at the top of the page on the header is the real Tadege. Long since departed, he was named TDG - T(The) D(Damn) G(Goldfish). When I needed a name for this website TDG was already taken  so I just added letters till I found ones that would work, Tadege. After I got into koi, he hatched from a Hyacinth I put in the new pond and lived with the koi for about 15 years. There is still a mule in the pond that a female koi spawned from him. A mule is a cross from a goldfish and a koi, they are always sterile and smaller, about 18 inches max, a  beautiful black and orange, in the summer heat and sun the orange turns yellow. After looking I can't  believe it is not in any of these back ground pictures. Those really are my pond fish, smaller about 10 years ago, monsters now. Koi are for the long term, please keep that in mind when you think of keeping fish.

  This is more than just my home page, I list everything that is new here, with the newest at the top on this page so you don't have to look through last weeks junk.

  Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse, my health declined to a point I could no longer keep up the yard, the work that at one time was a pleasure to me had become a burden, the business slid down as did the ponds and garden. Till this day I have no clue what was wrong with me, at least I know as much as the doctors. I was never much on doctors and now I know why. I do have a whole line up of pill bottles to deal with every morning. Medicare is a expensive total disaster. Have you called a doctor lately? You get a recording saying if you're really sick to hang up and dial 911. If you ever do get to talk to a person, it won't be a doctor and you can make an appointment for 3 or 4 weeks later. I get better service from my lawn care guy and he drives an old pickup not a new Mercedes.

  After 2 years I am ready to try and get things going again. It will never be the same but it will work out. If you are local I'll try to reopen the weekend business if I can. I'm not the same either, I now carry an oxygen bottle and walk with a cane, but I get around and will enjoy seeing all of you again. Sorry, no more kittens, all the cats were fixed. A special thanks to everyone that helped find homes for the kittens. There are plenty of kittens at pet shops and the Human Society that need homes, puppies too. Save a stray, adopt today.

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